Yuba County California: Yuba County California: Most Liberal Medical Marijuana Grow Regulations In The Stateost Liberal Medical Marijuana Regulations In The State

The Yuba County Growers Association – President Sam McConnell proclaimed – “We’ve made history”.



One of the most liberal medical marijuana cultivation measure in California easily won approval from the Yuba County Supervisors Tuesday by a slamdunk  4-1 vote.


The Yuba County Growers Association – President Sam McConnell proclaimed – “We’ve made history”.


Now with these ordinances in place, Mr. McConnell hopes every other county in California can Yuba County California: Most Liberal Medical Marijuana Grow Regulations In The Statenow utilize these well thought out cultivation ordinances, using them as a model. Which when first purposed was promptly jeered during last April’s Board of Supervisors meeting. The argument was that the cultivation regulation were far too limiting for medicinal cannabis cultivators.


McConnell is quite pleased with the outcome of the new measure “Everybody is able to do what they need to.”


Attorney Jeff Lake, representing the local Yuba County marijuana growers Association, noted that the modified ordinance moves away from sq. footage limits for cultivating medicinal pot.  Rather, opting for the more logical marijuana plant count. As it currently stands individual medical marijuana patients can cultivate to 18 plants on less than 1 acre of land.  Should an individual patient seek the ability to cultivate up to 99 plants, his grow would need to be located on a parcel of greater than 2 acres.


Lake filed a legal challenge in July to the original county measure for groups including the Old Crow Farm Collective and Deja Vu Collective, along with Yuba Growers. He’d said the ordinance adopted in April represented a “de facto ban on medical marijuana collectives.”


The ordinance adopted Tuesday allows such collectives, he said.


“Before it was impossible,” Lake said. “It’s feasible now.” Loma Rica resident Sandra Eden, 50, a medical marijuana grower attended the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesdsay.


The new ordinance removes the potential misdemeanor provision for busted cultivators and instead permits reasonable penalties, giving Yuba County the power to eradicate any found growing marijuana that doesn’t follow cultivation guidelines. Lake has provided ample notice to the local marijuana growing populace. Pointing out the new ordinance provides them with sufficient time to comply -or appeal any future county decision that might precede any potential marijuana removal.


“It’s wonderful,” Eden said of the approval. “I’m impressed that they took the time to listen to the people.” County Supervisor Roger Abe cast the lone no vote. He said he wanted to meet in closed session with the attorney representing Yuba County to further discuss the ordinance and take up the medical marijuana measure Dec. 18. source


The Yuba County growers Association’s Attorney said the new ordinance will become law after the 2nd reading by Yuba County Supervisors at their next meeting. Then effective 30 days later.




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