Win Some Dope Apothecary Jars…From Herb Preserve

Should you want to learn more about the extensive line of DOPE Apothecary Jars from Herb Preserve… Here you go! Source: 


Should you want to learn more about the extensive line of DOPE Apothecary Jars from Herb Preserve… Here you go!

Do you love the combination of function and style? Are you caught in the conundrum of having to choose between function over fashion when it comes to preserving your weed? Now, regardless of the quantity of ‘chronic’ that you’re trying to properly preserve, from an 1/8 to well over a quarter pound these Apothecary, glass on glass jars, get it done in high style.

In creating these studly little jar they’ve retained all of the class, beauty, uniqueness, and glass-on-glass lid technology of the larger apothecary jars, while condensing it to pocket-size. It’s heavy for its size, durable, and the most stylish product they’ve ever offered.

It has to be the cutest little stash jar in the smoking industry.

<strong>“White Widow” Nug Stash Jar: Holds Over an Eighth</strong>

This one of a kind glass- once invented and utilized by ancient Egyptian in their mummification process- is now catered for the modern yet humble stoners to preserve their precious chronic herb! Apothecary glass jars are made out of premium lab-tested glass which will efficiently extend the freshness and fragrance by 6 whole. For additional durability, their modern cap is made of polypropylene with a thick urethane liner that preserves the aroma of your happy buds.

<strong>”Himalayan Gold” Pre-Roll Jar – Holds 12+ Pre-Rolls </strong>

Are you one of those old school 420 smokers who believes herbs are meant to be rolled and smoked? Would you roll one up more often if you had a safe way to store and transport them on-the-go without having to worry about them getting smushed or bent? Well the folks at apothecary feel your pain, which is why they’ve come out with their new pre-roll jar.

Great for either a bike ride to the beach, or for a sunset smoke. The apothecary pre-rolled jar is wonderful for those times when you just bought a ‘fresh sack’ of some ‘dank, sticky icky’ and want to roll up a handful joints… stashing them for later use, knowing that they’ll stay fresh and safe for as long as they’re stashed in this jar… up to six months if needed.

At a shade under 3-7/8th inches/ 9.8 cm, the apothecary Pre-Roll Jar is long enough to accommodate most rolling papers (which typically range from 2.75 to 3 inches). The capacity depends on how fat you roll them, but people who have used them report that they’ve been able to fit roughly a dozen KGB joints.

<strong>”XXX OG” 420 Herb Jar Holds Over 1/2 Ounce of Herb</strong>

Apothecary top seller, the “XXX OG” jar holds up to 1/2 ounce of herb and, at for $20, is one of our most economical by volume in the screw-cap line. The versatile 250 ml. jar carries up to half an ounce and is great for travel or smaller home storage. The compact design easily fits in small bags and offers a generous carrying capacity.

<strong> </strong><strong>“Trainwreck” Airtight Nug Stash Jar 1 Oz Capacity</strong>

Apothecary’s one ounce “Trainwreck” jar will help you save money. Buy in bulk confidently and know your herb will be as fresh in six months as they were the day you bought them. The economical 500 ml. container is the largest in our screw-top series and can carry up to 1 ounce of herb. It features thick glass for ideal durability and safety. This size works well for travel or personal home storage.

<strong>”Purple Kush” Apothecary 420 Stash Jar Holds 1 Ounce</strong>

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the new “Purple Kush” 1 ounce apothecary chronic 420 stash jars seem to have universal appeal.

After seeing the extraordinary popularity of our 2-4 ounce capacity “Sensi Star”, our signature high-performance pigmented glass has been RESIZED! The result screams class and convenience. It is airtight, smell-proof, and features a glass-on-glass lid.

<strong>”Louis XIII” Stash Apothecary Jar Holds 6-8 Oz Chronic Herb</strong>

Our 2 Liter Apothecary “Louis XIII” herb jar features a glass-on-glass secure lid and holds up to six ounces of Herb. Great for growers, dispensaries, or those like us who appreciate the most decadent of everything. Growers and dispensaries interested in large orders to store all your inventory, please e-mail or call for LOW wholesale rates on larger quantity orders. Imported European Lab-Tested Glass, Invented by Ancient Egyptians. Stash your herb in style! You can own literally the world’s most decadent herb jar for just $74.

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