So You Want to Grow Some African Marijuana Genetics?

African marijuana seeds are the near future for most of us. It’s the main marijuana genetics project and primarly what we are focusing on at this time.

Malawi gold or Big Sur Chamba marijuana strain may be the spaciest smoke I have ever endured. I previously had this strain before on a couple of occasions lt would literally cause me to feel heat, I’d strat sweating for just a few minutes. The high hit you a tad too quick. The Malawi gold marijuana seed is the fact that type of smoke. Its like years old ur there but vision changes to lights and shadows and sounds become moderate. You will notice flashes of sunshine and things inside your peripheral visio n will catch your vision. Our prime was fast without all of the physical sensations from the indicas. Pitch-dark leaves I have seen, almost look black. I drawn em at 75 days with 20-30% might have went another month to complete the excitement. Yield looked like Durban, very little but well worth the wait in the event that?utes that which you like. For me personally it is the type of smoke you’d take to obtain a reaction and they’ll vary, it’s an excessive amount of if overdone African Seed Strain Explorer


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