Chemdog Marijuana Seed Strain Review

Chemdog marijuana seeds are a bit of a mystery… and it’s very questionable where the Chemdog marijuana seed strain comes from. While some say it may not even exist. Personally, In my opinion it’s from back east, a couple of different mixes of some Sativas with a few New You are able to City Diesel tossed in. I have seen 50 different strains known as that. I have seen 40 people claim that they can have bred it. In my experience it does not exist. It’s Bigfoot. I learn about it. You won’t ever view it. You are always eventually behind it. It had been just there. There’s several strains which i call Bigfoot. Which is one.

The folk history behind the Chemdog marijuana seed strain is really a tale well worth the telling:
It had been 1991 and Grateful Dead were showing up at Deer Creek Amphitheatre, cannabis breeder, Chemdog, met track of joebrand and pbud within the parking area plus they offered him an oz of weed for $500. Information were exchanged also it was arranged to ship two more oz . from the weed to Chemdog around the new england.
The way in which Chemdog marijuana seeds informs it’s: one ounce was seedless and also the other had 13 seed products. It had been from all of these 13 seed products that the legend increased the Chemdog strain reputedly boasts probably the most superior cannabis clones in the united states.
Chemdog grown four of his 13 seed products: one was male and trashed the rest of the three women grew to become Chemdawg (now known to as 91 Chemdawg), Chemdawg a (now Chemdawg’s Sister), and Chemdawg b.
Move ahead with a decade to 2001, and that we find Chemdog and the girlfriend germinating (or trying to germinate our marijuana seeds) three more seed products. With amazing creativeness, the 3 new seed products were labeled c, d, and e e didn’t germinate and c was rubbish, only d switched to be worthwhile. Four more marijuana seeds were germinated in 2006, that came the Reunion strain. And today you will find two seed products left in Chemdog’s stash.
As though to strengthen the legendary status of the weed, unless of course you reside in New You are able to City it’s very hard to obtain.
Chemdog Crosses — OG Kush,Sour Diesel (ECSD),Original Diesel (Diesel #1, Headband, Daywrecker Diesel, Underdawg),Super Snowdawg,Giesel,Bubble Chem,Dawg Daze,
Chemdawg D x Pbud
Type: Sativa dominant
THC: Around 20%
Develops: Indoor and outdoors hydroponics, soil, coco fiber
Height: 6 ft plus
Yield: high
Flowers: 9 to 10 days
Not for that novice grower
Average cost sometimes of writing (December 2010) $45 an eighth
Suggested for:
Chemdog is proven to be effective for several health conditions, including:
Deep muscle and joint problems
Mood disorders glaucoma
Anxious or restless actions
Movement disorders

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