BHO Honey Oil Review

2.15.2012  reviewer of BHO Oil 

What is BHO Oil ?

Cannabis Seed Strain Used: OG Bubba Kush Oil BHO

Location: Homegrown Bubba Kush Seeds

Quality of Seed Strain: A+

Type of Cannabis Product: Concentrate – BHO (Indica)

Looks: Sweet clear amber glass — singing tiny bubbles. After vacuum purge at room temperature, note oil is very sticky to the touch — keep your rubbing alcohol handy. Keep in a cool place or in the freezer for a few minutes. Once it has cooled down it can be handled by a gloved hand without sticking to your fingers and making a mess.  If it gets too cold, it will become shatter.

Apperance: That familiar OG Bubba Kush smell times 10!  This oil packs a strong smell of pure goodness.

Flavor: The taste is smooth and sweet.  I would say a concentrated taste of the typical OG Kush flower taste.  Very nice.

Elevation height: Strong!  Find your nearest couch and buckle up!  Being a concentrate, this oil will give you a nice rush with some energy in the first part of the ride.  Followed by a spilt can of whoop-ass.

Elevation Period: The buzz length was somewhat long.  If you take a look at the near blackout that was shortly followed by a feeding freenzy, then I would give this BHO oil about a 6 hour high.  That being said I would think that not making plans for the next couple of hours whould be key, depending on your personal level of tolerance.  BHO Oil has a tendency to offer a bit of couch lock so….save this as an evening med.

Quality of Run: For my first batch of self made BHO, I’d say I had been pleased with the outcomes.  I’m the kind of person who nerds out online before doing something to try and discover the best process available.  This oil was pressed from some excellent indoor OG Bubba Kush.  I made use of a mixture of half popcorn buds/shake and also the partner was the chilled close trim I retrieved in the electric trimmer I made use of at harvest.

Vector butane through both a hands blown glass extraction tube and a stainless-steel baster.  Cleared for just two hrs via double boiler method with hot plain tap water.  Temp never surpasses 110 levels.  I additionally perform a warm water clean of my oil after getting rid of.  This is accomplished by placing oil in mason jar with 110 degree sterilized water and shake strongly.  The oil separates and blends round the water a little.  Then, because it cools the oil collects together on top of the waters surface.

I retrieve the oil and toss the murky water away.  I dry the oil, then put aside for stopping for just two days.  Then 3 periods of vacuum getting rid of under warmth.  Final storage is on parchment paper within an air tight glass jar.  The oil is presently going through testing from the local cannabis testing facility.  I don’t know much relating to this except my local dispensary loved it and desired to have the ability to publish the specifics onto it.  I’m also told you will see some kind of testing to ascertain if butane continues to be present.  -BHO Oil…





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